crystal fleur eleanor belly dancer
Dawn found belly dance in 1996 and instantly became hooked.  Her dance philosophy is “What else can we do?”  She has extensively studied yoga along with contortion and enterology, martial arts, ATS, Tribal Fusion, Egyptian and many other forms of dance.  All this inspired her to pioneer Cyber Fusion, a dance style that fuses street dance, club and popular culture.

Dawn is a strong believer in supporting the dance community, and has performed with many dance festivals and worked with many different groups including the Belly Dance Superstars at both Raqs Britannia and Tribalondon, Fantasia, Tribal Ford, Jewel Of Yorkshire, Belly Dance Congress, Planet Egypt and Cairo Beats to name a few.

Not only is Dawn a successful and sort after professional dancer, she is also a qualified Fitness Instructor and Massage Therapist.  A highly qualified individual.

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