crystal fleur eleanor belly dancer
Yallar is an experienced teacher, dancer and event organiser, well known for teaching workshops and performing abroad in countries such as Egypt, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Turkey, Hungary, Israel, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and UK.

Her resume contains a degree in “Teacher of Dance and Rhythm” and a MA in “Community Dance Leadership”.  Her thesis “Performance skills development in Belly Dance using contemporary dance training/teaching methods” built a successful base for her own unique teaching method. Now Yallar performs, teaches and gives skype classes in the UK, and apart from being a belly dance teacher for adults, Yallar is one of few UK teachers to work with children, developing their love for belly dance by teaching traditional dances of middle east.

Some of her awards:

  • Latvian dance festival “DUM TEK”- main organiser
  • 1st place in Danish Open Belly Dance Competition 2013
  • 1st place in “Azure 2011”
  • 1st place in “Belly Dance Festival in Tallin 2010”
  • 1st place in “Vēderdejotāja 2009”
  • 1st place in “Miss Oriental 2007”